Mahuki. Innovation powered by Te Papa

Tomorrow’s world is in need of more computer programmers, innovators, engineers, and artists than ever before. Right now, preparation for this new world is scarce. This is a massive concern for us.

Currently, over 75,000 kids go through Te Papa each year. That is a lot of beautiful young minds that we can have a positive impact on.

Mahuki is going to help us do just that.

Mahuki, the innovation accelerator of Te Papa, is a structured in-residence entrepreneurial programme where teams will work on sustainable solutions for the transformation challenges facing cultural institutions globally.

The aims of Mahuki include helping New Zealand become world leaders in digital experiences and solutions for the culture and heritage sector, while facilitating relationships with entrepreneurs.

This is great for not only our wanting to connect with audiences associated with the cultural sector, but for the opportunities that arise from being situated in the back of house of Te Papa itself.

Currently we’re half way through the programme. Content, workshops, and speakers have slowed down and we’re headed into a build stage. We’re making great progress, and can’t wait for our audiences to start seeing the results that are emerging from our time at Mahuki.

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