Gamefroot Game Builder

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Gamefroot is the online platform for kids to make, play and share their own digital games. 

Gamefroot is the easy choice for schools, community groups or families seeking to switch on young people’s digital learning.

Our game-based learning activities are scalable and easy-access tutorials are there to support both teachers and students alike.

Gamefroot is suitable for learners from the younger years through high school.


  • Gamefroot is completely web-based so students can log in and make content anywhere on almost any device at any time.
  • A drag and drop interface ensures ease of use, and helps students learn the fundamentals of coding, game-design as well as other STEAM subjects.
  • Games can be published to the Google Chrome Web Store or Apple iTunes App Store – providing students with an authentic audience of players for their game projects.
  • Gamefroot  is based on Google technology, ensuring a stable, high quality platform.

Gamefroot supports digital literacy and STEAM learning (science, technology, engineering arts and math) plus the wider curriculum. Students can create games with context that expand their knowledge across almost all curriculum subjects.