Student workshops and teacher professional development

Make and Publish a Game Workshops

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Hands-on digital learning which helps each person progress from where they are to where they didn’t realise they could be – that’s the story of our educational workshops.

Experienced Gamelab tutors lead each workshop. They guide learners through the stages of game development using Gamefroot, our easy and fast web-based game maker.

The experience is practical, fun and well-paced. Workshops create unforgettable experiences that catalyse and extend learning.

We listen to each school or community and tailor our workshops to fit the time available, the age of participants and the desired learning outcomes. The Gamelab team can come to your school, community centre or library to deliver the programme.

Participants gain practical knowledge plus insights into their own creativity, sense of agency, and future pathways.

Learning outcomes include coding skills and concepts, how to plan and progress a digital project, analytical thinking, problem finding and problem solving, collaboration and team communication, and visual and narrative creativity.

Recent workshops

  • Code Red game making workshops run in public libraries around New Zealand.
  • Summer Code Camp at the Manaiakalani schools cluster, Auckland.
  • Make and Play Games workshop for educators at the uLearn conference.
  • Create your own game workshop, Beyond Broadband Expos around New Zealand.

Game Design and Gamification Workshops for Teachers

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In collaboration with NZCER (New Zealand Council for Educational Research) we take teachers through a workshop process that shows how to use game design thinking to enhance curriculum design and pedagogy within their schools.

The workshop gives educators an introduction to game design thinking plus a process and a set of strategies they can use to support their students to learn through game design.